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Berrington Black Terms and Conditions

I am always committed to providing an excellent service to my clients and endeavour to resolve problems in a timely manner; however below I set out some basic terms and conditions which are common to most web design services.

  1. Scope of Work and Pricing: Services will be provided as per the initial agreement. Changes due to the client’s inability to provide necessary resources or alterations in project scope may lead to price reassessment.
  2. Third-Party Services: The designer isn’t responsible for issues arising from third-party components, including the Themify Ultra template.
  3. Internet Service Issues: The designer isn’t liable for slow response times or stoppages of internet service.
  4. WordPress and Theme Updates: The designer is not liable for issues arising from WordPress or Themify Ultra template updates.
  5. Hosting Support Services: Liaising with hosting support falls outside standard services and may incur additional charges.
  6. SEO Optimization: The designer will apply SEO best practices but can’t guarantee specific results due to the unpredictable nature of search engine algorithms.
  7. Website Maintenance and Handover: After the handover period, the client is responsible for ongoing website maintenance. Assistance after this period may incur additional charges.
  8. User Training: The designer will provide a bespoke video tutorial to assist clients with site updates. The designer is not responsible for errors made by clients following this training and may charge for any required fixes.
  9. Right to Refuse Services: The designer reserves the right to refuse services under certain conditions.
  10. Limitation of Liability: The designer’s liability for damages from services provided is limited to the amount paid for the services.
  11. Indemnification: The client agrees to indemnify the designer from any costs arising from the use of third-party services or platforms.
  12. Dispute Resolution: Disputes will be resolved through mediation or arbitration before legal proceedings.
  13. Website Security and Breaches: The designer is not liable for damages arising from security breaches and recommends regular backups and security measures.
  14. Backup Services: The designer may offer backup services for an additional fee but is not liable for issues related to the third-party cloud storage platform.
  15. Website Responsiveness on Mobile Devices: The designer will strive for responsiveness across standard mobile devices but cannot guarantee this for all devices, especially future versions.
  16. Deposit and Refund Policy: A non-refundable 30% deposit of the project cost is required before work begins.
  17. Conflict Resolution: The designer aims to resolve disagreements consensually, but is not obligated to resolve conflicts.
  18. Professional Standards: The designer is committed to high professional standards and web standards, but cannot guarantee specific results.
  19. Limitations due to Affordability: The commitment to affordability may mean certain complex technical features may not be feasible within the client’s budget.
  20. Design or Content Changes: The designer will endeavor to incorporate changes to the design or content as requested by the client during the project. However, substantial changes may be subject to additional fees.
  21. General Limitation of Liability: The designer cannot be held responsible for any unforeseen issues or problems that may arise during the course of the project that are beyond the designer’s control. The designer will attempt to address and resolve these issues, but resolution may be subject to additional charges.