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About me

Hello, I’m Jo from Berrington Black Web Design

I’ve 20 years experience of website development.   I’ve worked on large public sector sites as well as sites for charities, small companies, sole traders,  entrepreneurs and people in the creative industries.

I am also an experienced trainer in website development and digital concepts.

My entry to web development came initially from developing information systems and working on networked database projects in a large public sector organisation.  I formalised my training in this area by taking an MSc in Information Systems Design graduating in 2000 with a distinction.

The move to web design from database design was a natural progression really because the concepts are the same – organise and present data in a user friendly way to allow you to meet your business objectives.

Developing your website

The digital world can often appear opaque and bewildering.  Rapidly changing technology, obscure terminology as well as strange abbreviations (SEO, HTTPS, DNS, SSL!) can make it seem impossible to know where to start.  

My role as your web developer is to enable you to gain clarity in the obscurity. 

I do this by working in a collaborative way and by gathering information.  By listening to you, considering your business requirements, your field of activity and your personal design preferences I am able to present an affordable and effective website that responds to your needs.

The cost of a website is as long as a piece of string

If you talk to people about their websites, you will often hear wildly differing prices people have paid and you know there’s always going to be someone who says they did it all themselves for free.  It doesn’t seem to make sense  and that’s why there needs to be transparency and clarity in the web development process. 

 I have provided a guide to what I charge to develop a site but there are also other costs involved in getting a fully functioning website. When you work with me you will get very clear answers about what you are paying for and why.

Want to find out more, why not book a free consultation or drop me a line.