Garden Design plants that don't attract bees


Breaking up a wide short rectangle garden by having 2 wavy borders either side of a footpath.  This greats an S shape lawn thereby breaking up the rectangle shape of the garden.

In the corner there is a blue arched seat with a table and two chairs.  On the terrace there are more chairs and large pot plants.  Around the terrace will be evergreen plants in big pots.

There is a semi circle gravel border by the terrace with a beautiful statue of the buddha in centre place.  Planted here will be different variety of mints, ornamental grasses and can be given extra colour by adding winter and summer bedding plants.  You can also include succulents which look very pretty but are expensive.  

On the other side of the footpath is the rotary washing line.  This is accessed by a grassy area and the surrounding area is all grassy. 

The semi-circle border will be filled with larger ever green shrubs with one or two flowering plants – if these do attract bees they will be well away from seating areas.


Plants that don’t attract bees.  These plants have been mentioned as specifically not attracting bees altough I can’t vouch for that.


Lemon Gras



Unscented roses – red

Thyme – bees like it, wasps don’t like it.


Alternatively choosing flowers that do not bloom in summer will mean you can have flowers but the bees will not be around to pollinate them.


Winter flowering pansies (bedding plants – have to be planted every year)

Winter flowering heathers